A variety of snack products are produced at McCain Appetizers Europe. These include onion rings, breaded mushrooms and other vegetable-based products. Fresh or frozen raw materials are used to make these products.

In the various factories, these onions, mushrooms and vegetables are processed and sometimes shaped to undergo a coating process. In this proces a so-called batter (wet coating) and a breadcrumb to set up the coating is used. There are many possibilities, in order to set up a coating that meets the customer’s requirements. For example, there are products where the breadcrumbs are on the outside of the product (Breaded Products) and also products where the batter is on the outside (Battered Products). One option is to add beer to the batter to produce a “Beer Battered product.”

After setting up the various coating steps, the product is briefly deep-fried in sunflower oil and then immediately frozen. After this process the final product is packaged, again there are many different packaging options. This varies from a “pillow bag”, “Stand-up bag” or even the possibility of packing in a “click lock box” adapted to the wishes of the customer.

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