McCain Appetizers Europe. Specialist in snacks based on vegetables

About McCain Appetizers Europe.

The locations of McCain Appetizers Europe in Kruiningen, Yerseke and Rilland are specialized in producing breaded, frozen vegetable-based snack products. These include breaded mushrooms, onion rings and cauliflower or broccoli-based vegetable fries.

Our products find their way worldwide to our customers in retail, foodservice and QSR. With modern production lines and under strict quality standards, we work in 3-shift operation. Our team consists of enthusiastic and motivated employees.

Top quality snack products.

Our wide range of vegetable snacks brings variety to the market. Breaded or battered products are made with identifiable vegetables, contain no added flavorings and are:

  • Easy to prepare in the oven, deep fryer or air fryer
  • Can be used widely, for example as a surprising side dish
  • 100% meat free
Featured products.

Breaded/battered/ beer battered/ battered with onion seeds


Natural and pre-formed onion rings


Standard packages are 500 grams, 1 Kg, and 2.5 Kg.