QC Controller.

This is a function in the 3-shifts, both locations have vacancies.

Who are we?

McCain Appetizers Europe is an emerging major player in appetizers. These are based on fresh vegetables, here you have to think of onion rings, breaded mushrooms and Wings. This may not mean anything to you right now, but are you curious about what these are and want to be part of a very beautiful process? You will see a fresh raw material undergo a transformation and turn into a beautiful and very tasty final product. Since September 2022, Scelta Products B.V has been acquired by McCain, so during this year you will see the name Scelta Products B.V disappear. Nothing will change in the processes except that there will be another very nice challenge halfway through this year…. Curious?

What do you get from us?

  • 25 vacation days and 15 ATV days that you can use flexibly. This means that you may redeem them for salary, or just take time off so that you have 8 weeks vacation a year. Or rather 50/50, which is also an option.
  • 3% year-end bonus
  • Discount on your CZ insurance that you may also use for your family
  • Fresh fruit in the cafeteria

You have to do something for it:

You start your day by preparing for the morning inspection, in this inspection you look to the samples of the previous day’s produced products with the management. Your main task is to ensure that a final product check is performed every hour, and you record it accurately. Microbiological samples must be taken, there is a truck with raw materials and another with packaging materials waiting on your check. In short, you have a hands-on attitude, you like variety and you are availible in the 3-shifts.

This is what we ask of you:

  • You work accurately and customer-focused.
  • You are communicatively strong
  • You master the Dutch or English language

    Apply here.


    At this moment we are looking for you! Send your resume and your motivation using the form below or mail to werk@sceltaproducts.com. If you have any questions regarding this job offer, you can contact Naomi Józefczak (HR-advisor), using 06-86874322.


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